Thursday, September 3, 2009


It is 11AM and  I am ready to go the pool. I’ll be in the watter by noon.

I swim one mile 5 days a week, and to make that les monotonous. I use different gears . It takes me from 1.45 min to 2 hours to complete my routine. I divide the whole exercise into 4 parts

Part one I use a foam band on my ankle It is specially for water jogging. It is light but it gives resistance when I jog.

Part two I use a glove which looks like a ducks feet. This is a work out for the arm and the back.

Part three Now comes the hand paddle, quite large. The work out again is for the arm and shoulders.

Part four I take two water boards I hold both against my stomach under the water and I run forward and backwards.

Sauna and shower after and then I drag myself literary to my car and drive home. I am very tired but I feel wonderful. It gives me a sense of accomplishment

Home a small yogurt with a half of a banana or a hard boiled egg or a piece (small) cheese then out to my balcony garden for a nap. This is a sanctuary and a place of refuge for me.

I live on the 9th floor in a condominium building a
small one bedroom apartment with a 60 feet balcony. I transform that balcony every year to a lovely garden and I live there practically all summer

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