Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garden Of Edith

`I always had a garden and when I moved into my condo 21 years ago I saw no reason while I cannot have a garden on my 60 feet long balcony.

I live on the 9th floor and I am facing the morning sun which I have for 6 hours a day. Every May (planting time In Winnipeg) I go to my favourite nursery and look for something unusual to create a dominant color. This year is orange, last year was blue. The balcony became my sanctuary and refuge. I named it “Garden Of Edith”

I eat breakfast, dinner there I take a nap after my swim, read a book listen to music and just relax.

Therapeutic to say the least.. I am up at 7am and my very first thing to clean all the dead leaves flowers and water and so my day begins.

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  1. Hey you! This is DG. Pokin' in and commenting on your blog. :)

    Eh, I can't really say this at work, but I've been telling people I've got an 85 year old 'buddy client at work'. I look forward to chatting with you and I'm trying to make this work out!!