Saturday, October 30, 2010

Succeful Aging

This week I received the result of the tests done at my last DR’s visit a short while ago it was perfect. All tests showed the right number and at the age of 86 plus, I consider this as an accomplishment.
My Doctor urged me to continue doing my routine, which I will and also will motivate anybody who is willing to listen to me.
It all comes down how important is YOUR health to you, do you want to slow down the aging process. You have to understand and accept that nobody will or can do it for you. It is only you, your perseverance and motivation. The rewards are big worth every hard minute you put into it and are never too late to start.
You do not have to be rich for this; fancy equipment will not do it for you if you only use it periodically. Walk, take the stairs one floor at the time, and swim if you can, dance laugh and very important, have a positive attitude.
You can do it and you will see results that I can promise you. If you have any questions ask me. I’ll be happy to reply
Once you establish a routine, is not hard anymore. I don’t even think about it, I just do it and so will you.
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