Friday, February 19, 2010

Change Your Life Style With Healthy Eating Habits

It took me over a year to really get it, I mean getting it in my head, that food is only to nourish the body and not to comfort, entertain, kill boredom or for any other reason we use for excuse to over eat.
It is not easy, but now that I get it, I am fully in control. I eat at the same time every day and I am hungry at the same time every day. I have omitted red meat, white flour or anything made of white flour. I eat two main meals morning, night, and a yogurt with a half of a banana or a hardboiled egg in between.
I do not think of food and lost the craving I use food only to nourish the body.
When I am in a situation where food I should not eat is at my disposal, I find it much easier to say no and walk away. I do cave in periodically but that is by choice.
Once you understand the importance of implementing discipline and you REALY want to take care of yourself, it is not that hard as it sounds. Your body gets used to the regular routine of normal eating habits; you see result and feel good about yourself and motivated. There are many food choices you can make, be creative, and find a way that it works for you.
Whole grain breads, sprinkle sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds on your salad, small portion of lean meat, fish, and lots of vegetable. Lots of fruits, apple, berries cantaloupe pears, and any other fruit available to you. Do not forget to add a handful of unsalted nuts to your diet.
Low fat milk, yogurt cottage cheese should also be a part of your diet. As I said before there are lots of choices and varieties all you have to do use your imagination and be creative.

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