Monday, August 31, 2009

My Routine To Slow The Aging Process

10 years ago not to far from my apartment a new Community Center was built with a beautiful and well equipped gym and a 25m long swimming pool. I joint and started to go first couple times a week then after about a year 5-6 days. I noticed a change the way I felt, more energized slept trough the night, less craving for food. What I mean by that I was not grabbing to put something in my mouth when I was bored,unhappy, or any other reason beside hunger. I also noticed I was less hungry as well.
People around me noticed the change as well,they complemented me they told me I was more outgoing more sociable, laughed more. This made me feel very good especially when my Dr told me how pleased he was that my numbers cholesterol, sugar and weight are declining.
In the course of a year I lost 20lb just by changing my eating habits and never gained it back.That was 8 years ago. I started to think differently. Food was no longer for boredom, sadness, or celebration It was simply to nourish the body. I started to read labels, cook from scratch, payed attention to every morsel I swallowed. It was hard in the beginning is not easy to change habits especially in the later years, but I persevered and it became a habit and a routine. Today I do it without thinking and the result is still good. You have to change your thinking about food, what does it means to you and start with small changes
I will talk about this more in my next blog. If you have any questions ask me.

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