Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eating Right Food and Live Longer

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Cabbage...full of nutrient like sulforaphane, possible boosting cancer fighting enzymes.
Swiss chard...a green leafy vegetable, full of caretenoids, believed to protect aging eyes. To cook it, chop and sauté in olive oil.
Cinnamon...apparently helps to control blood sugar.
I add a pinch to my coffee in the morning. Delicious.
Pomegranate juice... to lower blood pressure
Dried plums (prunes) full of antioxidants and keeps you regular.
Pumpkin seeds...loaded with magnesium and high level of minerals
Sardines...high in omega 3, hardly any mercury, loaded with calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zink, copper, and vitamin B
Frozen blueberry...available all year round and isn’t spoiled.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Healthy Meditaranien Diet Plan

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Each year many people fell for false promises, that this method other method or food can protect the health, prevent cancer, memory loss, strengthen they bones and loose calories without moving a muscle.
We all have the desire to achieve a long healthy old age and it possible, providing we eat consistently the right food no matter of age.
Many people already incorporate a healthy life style by eating lots of fresh vegetable, fruits whole grain fish and a small amount of meat like chicken and turkey. Also, use olive oil for cooking and on salads. This is the so-called Mediterranean Diet.
The result is a healthier body and mind and a leaner you. However, this is only the first part.

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Second very important part is regular physical exercise. You have to do it

consistently and every day
If you are motivated enough the combination of the two will bring you result, you will feel good and be proud of yourself.
As I said before it is never too late to change no matter what age you are
Earlier you start better the result.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aging Well and how to do it

Yesterday I watched Dr Oz show and to my delight he was talking and demonstrating, how to lengthen your life and aging well by eating the right food and exercise, no matter how old you are

I was delighted because he was talking the same thing I am trying to get it trough, but of course in a more professional way. I am just an individual senior enjoying the benefits and trying to motivate others to follow suit.
We all want to age well and live longer, not just breading and taking up space, but aging healthy mobile and independent. It is possible but you are the boss of your body and you have to do the work regularly and consistently. There is no magic pill, magic mantra fairy godmother, only YOU.
This morning I read in the NY times in the health section several article referring to the same subject
I will insert some excerpts from it

Exerpt from te NY times 1/16/10

The desire to achieve a healthy old age is laudable indeed, and will be even more so in the future. According to a projection of the century-long rise in life expectancy published in The Lancet in October, more than half the children born since 2000 in wealthy countries can expect to celebrate their 100th birthday.
But while much is known about how to raise the odds of a healthy old age, only a minority of Americans incorporate into their lives what is likely to give them the biggest bang for their buck. Like the woman in the health food store, they’d rather rely on supplements of vitamins and minerals, fish oils and herbs, perhaps washed down with pricey antioxidant juices.
In the next few posts I will post more exerpts regarding the right food and dexercise.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to post a comment. I will be happy to respond.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Secret of Longevity is to Change to a Healthy Life Style

Health experts agree that beside good diet you also need regular exercise because this two are the fundamental building blogs for a healthy life and for slowing down the aging process. As you get older the body changes and to have the right food and proper level of activity it is more important than ever to keep you strong energized and therefore reducing the risk for heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.
A good easy and cheap exercise is walking, not just occasionally but regularly every day. 30 minutes a day or if that is too much then 10 minutes 3 times a day.
With a little motivation, this is easily achieved. Find a friend to do with, park the car a block from your destination, and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, at least one floor. Whatever you do make it an integral part of you daily living.
I am not selling here anything other than an idea, but I am doing it and see results and want to share it with anybody who lisseens.

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I watched Larry King on CNN the other day. His show was all about obesity and how diet and exercise is the most effective tool to combat it. In addition, it works. Among his guest was a family of four and every person was 300 lb overweight.
This family decided to do something about together and by changing they life style are losing weight, pushing down the bloodpresure and cholesterol numbers. The buddy system works well all the time. I congratulate them and wish them well.
We hear more and more about this subject and its effects on the aging process, on TV, Newspaper and magazine. It always starts with you and your commitment to yourself for taking charge of your life. It works.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Healthy Life Style

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Nothing beats Arizona weather in the winter and somehow it is easier here to upkeep the workout routine.
I hope that I may inspired some of you to change your life style trough exercise and eating habit for slowing down the aging process. If you made that resolution and are serious about it, you will see and feel the result.
Here are some pointers especially if you just start, Run if you can or walk 30 min three times a week and after 10 minutes warm up to 15 min. brisk walk and then 5-10 min. cool off. Three times a week for a\ while then increase it to five days. If you have a dog that is great because it keeps the routine going. The dog needs to be taken out every day. Once you are going do 1 min brisk walk and one min. slow jog, Do it for a week and then change to three min. brisk walk and three min slow jog. Once you are comfortable with this, you will know how to increase the pace.
Swimming is also a good exercise. In the pool, you take the weight off your body so it can enjoy a break, yet you still get a great aerobic workout.
These exercises are easily incorporated in your new life style and are cheap. The secret is to do it regularly, consistently every day if possible. You are going to feel great no matter how old you are. I know this because I experience it.
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slow Down The Aging Process

Finally out from the deep freeze and back in sunny Arizona. Each time I come here, I hear my family .my friends saying how crazy I was buying property on an impulse in the middle of nowhere. In addition, they were right; it was literary in the middle of nowhere. One trailer park a few miles down the road and nothing else other then cotton fields, broccoli fields sand and citrus growth. To get anything you needed to drive distances. It was wonderful. You could hear coyotes at night in the distance, smell the orange blossom, and drive around with hardly any traffic
Today this small town grew population 10.000 to a fair city of 100.000. There are highways, shopping centers everywhere and traffic. This was inevitable, but it was much nicer then.
Now that the holidays are over, I hope you made good resolutions toward slowing down the aging process. As I said before it is never too late to change and if you consider it and take it seriously you will see results. I wish someone would of talk to me when I was 40-45 years old and encourage me to change my life style regarding eating and exercise.
You have any question. Make a comment and ask me I will be happy to reply

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