Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slowing The Aging Process ..IT IS POSSIBLE

With all this process of decorating my apartment, I stirred away from the subject I started this blog. My method of slowing down the aging process.

I wish I would have been a better writer and describe my method and routine in a more interesting way. If that I may of had some comments and possible some questions

Some may feel that what I do is boring, and it is, but if you are doing it regularly you are surprised. It becomes a routine and boring doesn’t enter your mind.

If you love life and want to extend it as long as possible

remaining independent, strong, in control of you sugar your weight your emotions then nothing will stand in your way and you will do it because you can.

It is hard but doable and the results uplifting. Give it a try, no not just a try a decision to do it and then stay with it.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.


  1. This blog is really cool!!!

    I'm going to link to my blog just to test to see if it will work. Linking!

  2. Hey Edith!

    This is DG.

    So, bunch of questions:

    1. Romania?! Cool! What's Romania like?

    2. When you were 20, what did you see the world being like when you were 80? Was it anything like you thought it would be?

    3. What was the war like?

    4. What did you think about the big giant tech boom?

    5. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

    6. Where do you want to be in 10 years?

    You don't *have* to answer them if you don't want to.

    So as a fyi--I'm quitting with Thrive in the next 3 weeks. I signed up there to learn to use eBay and I finally got all the classes for it. I'm all for still being your friend and you can ask me any questions you want about your blog and such. :D

    My email address is


  3. Thanks for your coment. Romania is a beautiful country, the mountain regions are like the Rockies spectacular. Before the war life was good. Roumania was a very rich country, has oil, gold very fertile land. During the war , the Germans and the Rusians deplited everything. After the war the comunist greedy regime finishted off.
    Slowly is getting back now. Is now member in the EU comunity and given time will be back to what it was.
    When I was 20 the war was still raging and the most important thing was to survive.
    New nothing about the tech boom Where do I want to be in 10 years Alive, healthy and independent if that is possible at 95.
    If I could do it all over again probably I would do the same stupid mistakes unless I would have a sage friend who would adwise otherwise.