Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life is Beautiful

It was a lovely spring day the day before Mothers Day and I was going next day to get the flowers to transform my balcony to “Garden of Edith” as I do every year.

I felt exceptionally good, because two days before on my last Dr appointment all test results where normal and my Dr was very pleased and encouraged me to keep doing what I do.

I was sweeping and hamming when suddenly  a very dull pain in the middle of my hart, and I immediately knew that I was having a heart attack. I sat down bewildered waiting for it to go away. Instead, the pain moved on to my left arm and shoulder. I realized this is not going away, and I had better gotten myself to the emergency. I was alone in the house but did not loose consciences.

I was given an EKG and a blood test, repeated in six hours to determine if this was really a heart attack. It was. By evening fluid started to be build-up in my lungs, I had difficulty breathing. An oxygen mask, diuretic administered orally and intravenously restored my breathing in 45 minutes.  It was a frightening experience.

Angioplasty showed 35% of deposits, so no procedure was necessary and after five days I was home.

I joined a four-month  cardio rehabilitation program, very closely monitored the first month. It helped me overcome the fear and denial. It encouraged and supervised the exercise program and after the first month I joint a strength and balance class three times a week.

Today, I am fully recovered back to my routine, and the goal is to restore the level of exercise I used to do before. I am working on it.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Right Prioryties may Slow the Aging Process

Watching television I noticed that the frequency of programs dealing with healthy eating and exercise are increasing.
Michelle Obama the First lady is also advocating healthier menus in restaurants. What a wonderful idea, just imagine that all the fast food restaurants, food court eating places and regular restaurants would switch to serve only well balanced and nutrition food. Most people I believe would like to eat healthy but may not have the time or the willingness to do it him or herself. Now if they can buy it, order it take out, that would make a hell of a difference. Let’s stretch the imagination further. What would be the ramification if nobody can find or buy unhealthy food?
I think it would reduce the problems of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol hart problems and many other problems connected with unhealthy lifestyle.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is the time of year when I go to escape the brutal winter in Winnipeg and fly to Arizona to my winter escape, which I bought 22 years ago on an impulse.
A small gated retirement community, beautifully landscaped, well run and very friendly. For 22 years I was able to escape the harsh winters of Winnipeg, where the temperature could drops to -40C to -50C with the wind shear. Not to mention the difficulty walking on slippery sidewalks or to drive on slippery roads.
Unfortunately this is coming to an end. As a Canadian when I live the country I have to have an out of country health insurance. Being 80+ the price for it hits the roof. It doesn`t seem to count if you are stable, on a very few medication which hasn`t changed for years and being claim free for the past 22 years. In the out of country health insurance land all this doesn`t make a dent. If you are 80+ in my case 86 you better pay or stay home. I understand that if anything happens it is very expensive but I feel that a person who takes care of oneself, on a very little medication and no claim ever should have a fair discount. It sure feels like a punishment. I could live comfortable for the 90 days I go every year, for the price of the insurance.
So I take one year at the time and hope to stay stable independent and to put the money together for my escape.
I hope you all had a good holiday season and didn`t broke your resolutions yet.
Proper and regular exercise and the change of eating habits to healthy food is the secret to slow the aging process. It works for me and if you keep it up it will work for you as well.
Remember; only you can do it.
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday and All Time Healthy Eating

A few more days and and we find ourselves in the most difficult time to keep a balanced diet and to keep ourselves from indulging. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The world won’t come to an end if you enjoy yourself only keep repeating one word “moderation” It will take you through the holiday and let you enjoy everything you want to eat or drink. Do as much sport and outdoor activity as possible, that will help burn the extra calories.
The other day I read something about fats. Good and bad and I would like to share some of it with you.
If you are planning to cook a lot this month, or any other time know your Good Fats versus Bad Fats. Here are some samples.
Good fats: Omega-3Fatty Acids the best fats on the planet earth. Omega-3 adds years to your life, reduces the risk of heart attack, helps reducing arthritis, depression and some cancers. You will find it in fatty fish like wild salmon, herring, sardine and tuna. Flaxseed and flack seed oil and walnuts.
The Monos. All monounsaturated fats are god for your heart by raising the HDL good cholesterol and lowering LDL bad cholesterol the artery clogger.
You will find it in olives, virgin olive oil, canola oil, peanuts, nuts and avocados.

Polyunsaturated fats also in the good fat category. Find it in corn, soybean, safflower sunflower oil, and fatty fish even light canned tuna.

Bad fats: Saturated fats raise blood cholesterol to artery-clogging level.
Avoid if possible, meat with visible fats, poultry skin, fats and dark meat.
Whole milk, butter, fat cheeses, ice cream and sour cream. Coconut and palm oils, lard and shortening.
Trans fats are the worst fats. They boost bad cholesterol, lower good cholesterol, clog the arteries. Can set off inflammation trough the body which in turn can trigger stoke or diabetes. Avoid if you can, processed foods, all deep fried foods, candy, and commercially backed foods.
Looking at this list, you will see that avoiding bad fats is not that hard. With a little imagination and creativity you can avoid that entire bad food, make healthy choices enjoy life and slow down the aging process.
Happy Holidays and a healthy happy New Year.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Holiday Season

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and watched your food intake, if not go work out at the gym or go for a 30 minutes’ walk every day.
As the holidays approaching you’ll be surrounded with food and it is going to be tough not to indulge.
Don’t be hard on yourself as long as you watch not to over eat and take it easy when it comes to the sweets. The important thing is to enjoy your family and friends and being together. That what the holiday is all about anyway.
In my neck of the woods the snow has fallen and it is here to stay. Good time to have a good old fashion snowball fight.
I wish you all a very happy and fun filled holiday season.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Healthy Holiday Eating

With the holiday around the corner, feasting season is fast approaching, whether you like it or not and with this comes the difficult time to keep up with your hard worked effort to stay straight in line.
There are some tips which works for me and may work for you as well, providing you are serious about it.
Keep your exercise routine, watch your food intake, especially when attending a social function, or eating out with friends.
Holiday weight comes on quickly and it is difficult to lose it. Take one day at the time. Make adjustment in calorie intake in the days when you attend several parties dinners or brunch. Focus on fruit, veggies, lean protein and high fibber grain. Be selective at a buffet event. Take small portion of what you like and if possible stay away from creamy sugary salty things.
If you have to indulge, give up something in exchange. Lunch or dinner or afternoon snack and be willing to put some extra time at the gym.
It is not as hard as it seem. Enjoy your friends and family, keep moving. Avoid feeling tired and sluggish, have a positive attitude and enjoy life. It is shorter then you think.
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