Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Slow Down the Aing Processg, Change Life Style

Part of slowing down the aging process is your eating habit. It is never too late no matter how old you are to start going down the right pat and by that, I mean not just eating but exercising as well.
I started to change my life style and eating habits at age 75. It was not easy and I started gradually and doing it ever since.
I told before that I swim now 2 km 3-5 days a week. Since the gym where I belong is a very busy place, lots of different aqua classes, swimming lessons, so I have to go at a time when is less busy to have a lane to myself. That time is between 12 noon – 3PM.
Here is my daily schedule.
I am up at 7-7.30 I have a glass of fresh orange juice make the bed tidy up prepare my swim gear which is more than just towels and prepare my breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day for me.
I have a mixed salad with sea salt virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice for dressing, two slices multigrain bread with light cream cheeses, two slices of very lean slices of turkey breast one slice of mo milk. Mozzarella cheese, half of cup of coffee with half a cup of 1% milk. No sugar. I have this around 10.30-11 am, and then off to the gym. By the time I come home is 3-30PM. It takes me good two hours to swim 2 km.

I have a small yogurt with either a hardboiled egg or a half banana or some other fruit. I take a nap and supper between 5-6pm. I go to bed around midnight and sleep through the night almost uninterrupted. I have on my fridge the Canadian food guide for diabetes and I stick to it. It gives many varieties of food to choose. So slow down the aging process by choosing fruits, vegetable, whole grain, beans, chicken turkey and be cautious against trans fats and saturated fats. Exercise regularly not just occasionally; by walking briskly if you can, cycling swimming. Keep moving and remember it is never too late to start a healthy life style no matter how old you are.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slowing Down The Aging Process. A Healthy Life Style

What is a healthy life style?, proper exercise, and nutritious food.
According to experts a good diet and regular exercise is an important building block for a healthy living. As people get older and the body changes choosing the right, food and the right
level of exercise it becomes very important to reduce the risk of heart disease cancer and diabetes.
Exercise also influences mobility energy level and your over all well-being.
This is all doable if you take your health seriously. I changed my life style at the age of 75. I swim now 2 km 3-5 days a week and I stick to a diet full of veggies, fruit lean chicken and turkey meats, whole grains fish and nuts. At 85, I have more energy then I know what to do with it, no aches no pains, sleep 6-7 hours almost
uninterrupted. I did slow down, I walk slower, but the kink that comes with age is in check. My checkups are positive and my Dr encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.
No one is too old to start living a healthy life style it is a matter of will power and perseverance

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Slowing down the aging process is a possibility. I just came from my regular check up and hearing my Dr telling me “just keep doing what you do, all your numbers are good” it gives me a high. I feel good, energized in a right frame of mind.
Like I said before it is not easy and it needs sacrifices strong will to live and discipline, but anybody can do it.
Google diabetic food guide it is colourful and loaded with good carbs. Plenty to choose and with a little imagination you can create delicious meals. I stick to it 90%, I lost weight and kept it off. I am never hungry and do not have any cravings for sugar or fatty things. The guide is on my fridge and I use that when I go shopping. After a while, it becomes a routine
Food is not enough; to slow down the aging you also need exercise at least three times a week. Not strenuous, just regular, and consistent three times a week or more.
It is never too late to start. Earlier you do better is later in life. The damage what is done to our bodies is not imminent immediately but it will show up later in life with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sugar in the blood and many other things. It could cut the risk quite a bit if you take your health seriously and . You who can do that at any age.
I am 85 Years old almost 86, and if I talk to some people my age or even younger I know immediately that I am doing the right thing and if I can do it so can everybody else.
I am telling this because I am doing it and experience the benefit. Do it you will as well.