Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still Slowing the Aging Process

Finally, my apartment decoration is over. Everything back in its place, it looks and is clean and shiny and I am back at my routine of regular swimming and the gym.
For 85 years in a house or apartment I lived with off white walls. This time I made a bold choice.
I have one red wall in the kitchen (my kitchen is mainly white with red and black accent) a navy accent wall in the living room and a light brown accent wall in the bedroom. It looks fabulous and I am happy I made the choice this is just a small example that you are never too old to make changes in your life style or in your sourondics. It helps slowing down the aging process.
So go for it.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slowing The Aging Process ..IT IS POSSIBLE

With all this process of decorating my apartment, I stirred away from the subject I started this blog. My method of slowing down the aging process.

I wish I would have been a better writer and describe my method and routine in a more interesting way. If that I may of had some comments and possible some questions

Some may feel that what I do is boring, and it is, but if you are doing it regularly you are surprised. It becomes a routine and boring doesn’t enter your mind.

If you love life and want to extend it as long as possible

remaining independent, strong, in control of you sugar your weight your emotions then nothing will stand in your way and you will do it because you can.

It is hard but doable and the results uplifting. Give it a try, no not just a try a decision to do it and then stay with it.

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Managing The Aging Process

I am almost there I vent this morning to my apartment to water my balcony garden and to my delight the painting is almost done, the floor is sanded and this afternoon they are applying the first coat of varnish, Looks like that by Saturday I can move my bedroom back and get back to my routine.
I can’t tell strongly enough how much I miss that.
Meantime not to lose it all I walk several times up to my room 20 steps and watch what I eat. So far I am managing well
I know some of you may think I am to obsessed with myself and maybe you are right, but when you are 85 and you know or think that the last station is not that far away you do or at least I do everything in my power to slow down the paste to reach it

Monday, September 14, 2009

Slowing the Aging process works

Sometime I have droughts about what I am doing regarding aging , and then again something else happens and reaffirms that I am on the right track.
I wrote in my previous blog that my apartment is being painted and that the remaining room is the bedroom which was started today.
Yesterday and the day before not having patience until somebody shows up to help, I decided to give it a try and emptied it myself. I moved a chest, computer desk, filing cabinet, night tables, and boxes with stuff in it. When my son came yesterday all it was left for him to move was my bed and a writing desk. He was mad at me but I felt good. No pains of any today, slept soundly trough the night and feeling very good about it.
It works. Regular exercise proper diet, eliminating stress as much as possible gives POSITIVE results. By eliminating I mean not to make an issue about things we cannot change, work around it or get over it.
Right now I am concerned about my car, for the past two days it makes a loud screeching noise when in motion and I press the brakes. It is in the garage now and I hope that is nothing to expensive.
I wish somebody would comment something or ask some questions. It feels like I am talking to myself or to the wall.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Slowing The Aging Process, Still On Track

All I needed was two drawers in my kitchen and ended up decorating the whole apartment. One more week and it is all over and I’ll be very happy and broke.

Monday I move to my son’s house while the bedroom is done, painting and varnishing the floor. The bad news is that I am completely out of my routine. I didn’t go to the gym all last week and probably won’t this week either. I will have to come twice a day to the apartment to water my balcony garden.

It is so easy to go off regular exercising, but at least so far I managed to keep my diet as usual and I will insist to cook while I stay with my son and wife. I think they should be happy coming home from work to super on the table.

For physical activity today and tomorrow I shell start moving things from the bedroom to the living room including some light furniture and tomorrow they be here to move the heavy ones

This will keep me on track for slowing the aging process

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday the bathroom was finally finished and yesterday I organized everything and accessorized the bathroom now just the bedroom remains to be painted and the floor varnished.

This whole decoration cut into my routine and I miss it. Hopefuly by the end of next week it will be all over so I can resume my normal routine. I did manage how ever to control my emotions. Didn’t get upset when the painter was a ½ day late. or finished to early. It was hard because I lived in the mess .

The weather being nice I was able to spend a lot of time on my balcony garden just reading  listening to music or meditating. It always surprises me how much it helps.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Slowing The Aging Process, Controlong Emotions

I hope that everybody had a good weekend, myself I had painters in my house and still not finished. I am doing it in three fazes with several weeks interuptions in between. One more room to go. I have a small 600 feet apartment and living in this mess it is not easy.No use getting upset about it it will pass. I spend a lot of time in my Garden Of Edith which helps a lot, Two more weeks then I am back to normal enjoing my freshly paited apartment.The picture is the view fom my balcony. I live above the tree line on the 9th floor.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garden Of Edith

`I always had a garden and when I moved into my condo 21 years ago I saw no reason while I cannot have a garden on my 60 feet long balcony.

I live on the 9th floor and I am facing the morning sun which I have for 6 hours a day. Every May (planting time In Winnipeg) I go to my favourite nursery and look for something unusual to create a dominant color. This year is orange, last year was blue. The balcony became my sanctuary and refuge. I named it “Garden Of Edith”

I eat breakfast, dinner there I take a nap after my swim, read a book listen to music and just relax.

Therapeutic to say the least.. I am up at 7am and my very first thing to clean all the dead leaves flowers and water and so my day begins.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


It is 11AM and  I am ready to go the pool. I’ll be in the watter by noon.

I swim one mile 5 days a week, and to make that les monotonous. I use different gears . It takes me from 1.45 min to 2 hours to complete my routine. I divide the whole exercise into 4 parts

Part one I use a foam band on my ankle It is specially for water jogging. It is light but it gives resistance when I jog.

Part two I use a glove which looks like a ducks feet. This is a work out for the arm and the back.

Part three Now comes the hand paddle, quite large. The work out again is for the arm and shoulders.

Part four I take two water boards I hold both against my stomach under the water and I run forward and backwards.

Sauna and shower after and then I drag myself literary to my car and drive home. I am very tired but I feel wonderful. It gives me a sense of accomplishment

Home a small yogurt with a half of a banana or a hard boiled egg or a piece (small) cheese then out to my balcony garden for a nap. This is a sanctuary and a place of refuge for me.

I live on the 9th floor in a condominium building a
small one bedroom apartment with a 60 feet balcony. I transform that balcony every year to a lovely garden and I live there practically all summer