Monday, September 14, 2009

Slowing the Aging process works

Sometime I have droughts about what I am doing regarding aging , and then again something else happens and reaffirms that I am on the right track.
I wrote in my previous blog that my apartment is being painted and that the remaining room is the bedroom which was started today.
Yesterday and the day before not having patience until somebody shows up to help, I decided to give it a try and emptied it myself. I moved a chest, computer desk, filing cabinet, night tables, and boxes with stuff in it. When my son came yesterday all it was left for him to move was my bed and a writing desk. He was mad at me but I felt good. No pains of any today, slept soundly trough the night and feeling very good about it.
It works. Regular exercise proper diet, eliminating stress as much as possible gives POSITIVE results. By eliminating I mean not to make an issue about things we cannot change, work around it or get over it.
Right now I am concerned about my car, for the past two days it makes a loud screeching noise when in motion and I press the brakes. It is in the garage now and I hope that is nothing to expensive.
I wish somebody would comment something or ask some questions. It feels like I am talking to myself or to the wall.

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