Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slow Down The Aging Process

Finally out from the deep freeze and back in sunny Arizona. Each time I come here, I hear my family .my friends saying how crazy I was buying property on an impulse in the middle of nowhere. In addition, they were right; it was literary in the middle of nowhere. One trailer park a few miles down the road and nothing else other then cotton fields, broccoli fields sand and citrus growth. To get anything you needed to drive distances. It was wonderful. You could hear coyotes at night in the distance, smell the orange blossom, and drive around with hardly any traffic
Today this small town grew population 10.000 to a fair city of 100.000. There are highways, shopping centers everywhere and traffic. This was inevitable, but it was much nicer then.
Now that the holidays are over, I hope you made good resolutions toward slowing down the aging process. As I said before it is never too late to change and if you consider it and take it seriously you will see results. I wish someone would of talk to me when I was 40-45 years old and encourage me to change my life style regarding eating and exercise.
You have any question. Make a comment and ask me I will be happy to reply

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