Friday, January 22, 2010

Healthy Meditaranien Diet Plan

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Each year many people fell for false promises, that this method other method or food can protect the health, prevent cancer, memory loss, strengthen they bones and loose calories without moving a muscle.
We all have the desire to achieve a long healthy old age and it possible, providing we eat consistently the right food no matter of age.
Many people already incorporate a healthy life style by eating lots of fresh vegetable, fruits whole grain fish and a small amount of meat like chicken and turkey. Also, use olive oil for cooking and on salads. This is the so-called Mediterranean Diet.
The result is a healthier body and mind and a leaner you. However, this is only the first part.

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Second very important part is regular physical exercise. You have to do it

consistently and every day
If you are motivated enough the combination of the two will bring you result, you will feel good and be proud of yourself.
As I said before it is never too late to change no matter what age you are
Earlier you start better the result.

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