Friday, January 8, 2010

Healthy Life Style

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Nothing beats Arizona weather in the winter and somehow it is easier here to upkeep the workout routine.
I hope that I may inspired some of you to change your life style trough exercise and eating habit for slowing down the aging process. If you made that resolution and are serious about it, you will see and feel the result.
Here are some pointers especially if you just start, Run if you can or walk 30 min three times a week and after 10 minutes warm up to 15 min. brisk walk and then 5-10 min. cool off. Three times a week for a\ while then increase it to five days. If you have a dog that is great because it keeps the routine going. The dog needs to be taken out every day. Once you are going do 1 min brisk walk and one min. slow jog, Do it for a week and then change to three min. brisk walk and three min slow jog. Once you are comfortable with this, you will know how to increase the pace.
Swimming is also a good exercise. In the pool, you take the weight off your body so it can enjoy a break, yet you still get a great aerobic workout.
These exercises are easily incorporated in your new life style and are cheap. The secret is to do it regularly, consistently every day if possible. You are going to feel great no matter how old you are. I know this because I experience it.
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