Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Slow Down the Aging Process Study Aging

With the holiday approaching and with all the cooking, keeping the routine is much harder, but not impossible.

Cut down on sugar and fat concentrate on lean meat colourful and delicious veggies, and salads. Be creative. Be surprised how much fun that can be and the good feeling when you come up with something good. Make it pot luck and challenge each other Focus on togetherness rather on over eating. That what it should be anyway
Just because the holidays are coming, do not neglect exercise. Keep your routine no matter how hard it is. Get together with friends, family, and study aging. Discuss it debate it and you will come to good conclusion. Need to buy a gift for yourself or someone special. Look into some good reasonable fitness equipment, maybe a course in Pilate or weight training exercises.
Healthy habits good eating will slow down the aging process and will give you a good outlook on life                                             
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