Thursday, November 26, 2009

Healthy Aging With The Right Diet and Exercise

Our ancestor gathered and eat food,for hunger or to celebrate victory.
Today we still eat because of hunger or to celebrate anything, overcome boredom, depression anger, watching the games, getting together with friends and on and one. We eat and eat and eat some more and the result is clogged artery, high blood pressure, high sugar, diabetes, obesity,hart atack and overweight children.
A healthy life style does not start in the Dr’s office. It starts with you and we are all responsible for our health and well-being. We have to stop medicating or comforting our self with food. We have to rethink how we look at food and use it to our advantage. I know it is not easy, I am doing it myself, but it is POSIBLE if you rally take your health and well-being seriously. Talk to a nutritionist, do it with a friend Google the diabetic food guide. There are many choices in there no need to be deprived of anything. Design a routine for yourself and incorporate some exercise. Walking is a very beneficial exercise and inexpensive as well.
Once you discipline yourself to a routine and do it for a month regularly, it becomes much easier and you will do it without thinking.
Watch and monitor your children’s activity and food intake. Be a good role model
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