Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Escape


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a very unusual rain, free and mild November winter came to town and we are now in a deep freeze. It happened practically overnight,
Looking out in the window, I see brilliant sun shine, not a cloud on the sky, hardly any snow. The temperature right now is -23C if I am not mistaken that is 9F
22 years ago while visiting Arizona , I bought on an impulse a small condo in a new development which was still being built and it was literary in the middle of the desert, surrounded by cotton fields, broccoli fields, orange grows and desert. You had to drive miles to get anything.
The place is about 30 miles west from Phoenix in a small town called Surprise. Population at the time about 10.000 including the migrant workers and snowbirds (winter visitors)
Today 22 years later Surprise grew into a large city population over 100.000. Gone is the desert, cotton fields, orange growth, replaced by new roads, shopping centers, lots of new buildings and traffic. You can now walk or drive 5 minutes and find anything you need. I liked it better the other way.
However, the retirement village where the condominium is remained small population under 3000. It is paradise. Have a beautiful 18 whole golf course, a huge heated swimming pool, and many activities.
Every winter I spend 3 months there and pat my back for a smart impulse buy. Escaping the freeze helps slowing the aging process

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