Sunday, August 30, 2009


Growing old something we cannot escape or avoid, but for sure we can slow it down. No... it is not easy. There are no magic words or magic pill, no miracles and no Fairy God Mother. All is needed is your love for life, willingness to work hard accepting facts, determination, consistency patience and a good sense of hummer. Like I said it is not easy, but it is doable. I know I am doing it and it works for me.
• My name is Edith I am 85 years old a mother to two sons, grandmother to four boys and great grandmother to a 19 month old little girl. I have no aches or pains no digestion problems no joint problem..I sleep 6-7 hours uninterrupted and have more energy then many at my age.
How I do it? I have a theory and a system and work at it every day of the week.
On my next blog I will tell you what I do, what I eat how I go about my daily life. I hope somebody is going to read this and if you have any questions just please ask me.

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