Sunday, May 30, 2010

Balcony Gardening -- New This Year

Finally, I planted my garden. It was hard work, but this year I was smarter. Last year from a lot of bending, I pulled my back and it took weeks to recover. This year I got myself a 4.5”x2.5” and 1” thick board. I placed it over the top of two chairs and bingo, I had a comfortable platform to plant on. This method reduced the bending to a minimum. Less cleaning as well.
It is raining off and on and I hope my flowers are not going to drown. I hope that Mother Nature will cooperate and then my balcony garden going to look spectacular. I will post pictures as it grows

This year I mixed some vegetable as well. I have one tomato plant, yellow and red pepper, miniature pepper, parsley and on the trellis, I planted claiming spinach, which is edible. I am told that it grows fast, one plant covers the whole wall, and it has little blue flowers. We will see. I already pick a few leaves and add it to my morning salad.

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