Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Secret of Longevity

We all have the desire to achieve a long and healthy old age and it is very

possible that the time will come when people will celebrate the 100-year birthday or more.
Already lots of people understand and live a healthier life trough food and exercise to achieve a senior lifestyle unencumbered by chronic disease and disability and living long and well.
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In general, more and more people consume less red meat, saturated fats and eat more grains, vegetable, and fruits. A diet closely linked to low risk heart disease diabetes high bloodpresure and more is not necessarily has to be vegetarian only, but it should contain plant based foods and other products that come from animals that eat plant. The closer to the earth we eat the healthier and skinnier we likely to be. The Mediterranean diet is a good example.
Food is not the only thing to slow the aging process and have a healthy life style.
PHYSICAL EXERCISE needs to be added I know you hate to exercise, you have no time, is raining outside, to busy with your kids, parents pets and on and on....
You have to integrate exercise activity in your daily life style. Don’t think about it just do it.

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A 30-minute brisk walk a day, it is cheap and easy and it is a good aerobic exercise. If you cannot get outside walk the halls, up and down the stairs, room to room in one place. Do not like to walk- dance. Put on some music and dance on your own or with a partner.
Stop making excuses, just do it, and discover the benefits of movement and the joy of a healthy living and consequently a healthier you.
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