Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Can Eat Right and Still Cave in.

No matter how hard you work at keeping fit and eating the right food there is always the danger that you cave in at some point. I know because it happened to me.
I am doing this for years, and I have no forbidden food in my house, I do not bake keep sugar, white flour or anything else, which would tempt me.
However, I found out that I am not perfect (what a disappointment).
I was at my grandson’s wedding a Hindu wedding. The food was excellent beautifully presented and lean and to my pleasant surprise, it was no sweet table.
It was a choice of two scrumptious deserts and it was served at the table after dinner. The person sitting next to me left before desert was served, to mingle with some friends who were sitting at some distance from me. Her desert was sitting on the table next to me waiting to be consumed. I finished mine and she was still visiting with her friends at the distant table. And I was weighting and fighting with myself not to touch it. 20 minutes passed and people started to go on the dance floor. Everybody at the table has finished eating. That was the only desert uneaten and it was standing out like a sore finger. The help started clearing the tables and I couldn’t let that desert go I ate the whole thing and enjoyed it to the last crumb.
Was I ashamed of myself....yes I was, did I feel guilty....no, did I feel embarrassed
Yes. Did I forgive myself...absolutely? I joined the dancing crowd and never gave a second thought.

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